Tortuga Gives Back

For us in Tortuga Surf School & Camps, is extremely important to give back to our community and most importantly to our ocean, making sure we spread awareness of the serious issues happening with out waters and our planet in general.
Trying to transmit out love for the ocean, Costa Rica and our Jaco Beach to people is one of our missions, and is trough this programs that we are able to give a little back to the people and sectors that need it the most.
In this section we will give you a brief tour on what's the history behind our relationship with this important programs and how we feel they can help us guide the way for a better developement of a contious surfing industry. One that gives back...


Sueños Sobre las Olas ( Dreams on Waves)

Sueño sobre las olas, is born from the idea of a surfer (Ricardo G or Richi as we know him) who finds him self helping a friend who is paralyzed from the waist down to learn how to surf, this experience changes his life and that's how he starts this amazing program that is aimed to help people with disability and those in social risk, like children from the poorest towns and even the special Olympics team and to show them they are still an important part of our society

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This clever idea and huge heart helped Richi open unthinkable doors,

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It was after only one event that the relationship with Tortuga Surf School & Camps and Sueño Sobre las Olas started and it has become our main event and most important outlet to spread the magic of surfing and the positive effects of a healthy life style and exercise.

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