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5 Day Adventure & Surf Package


At Tortuga Surf camp we have mastered the art of creating perfect training programs that fit the every surfer needs.

Our most complete and entertaining programs are a perfect combination for the adventure lovers and mellow surfers alike, with a variety of options and activities that allow you to choose your own schedule. This way your holidays in Costa Rica are just the way you planned them, but with the guidance of Tortuga Surf Camp staff to make it a much smoother road, and everything on your own budget.


First we would help you create the outline of your perfect surf training program in Costa Rica, normally in most camps in Playa Jaco or in Costa Rica in general you would need to purchase tickets on specific weeks to fill their group quota needs, we are a family business running now for 10 years now with the same staff and most importantly the same instructors and water crew, this factor has helped us increase security and water drills and formations in order to keep our students safe.
We like to keep our groups small and personal for better training results

Once you got possible dates and ticket cost that work for you, we would proceed to create the outline and add the features you requested, no extra charges or hiding fees.

We would then proceed to choose your lodging, this would depend of the amount of people on your party, and what budget you would like to add to your stay. (Contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for alternative lodging details)


We have two format of camps, SURF AND STAY where we basically just focus on your training and it would include only the lodging and training features.

FULL CAMP is the format where people would have one adventure activity per day apart from surfing, so we would adapt the schedule of the requested activities to the tide and let you know ahead of time what you day to day would be like and that way there is no schedule surprises.

Photo (Adventure collage Horizontal)

The whole experience In Playa Jaco and other activities would be supervised by Tortuga Surf camp staff, to help you make the best of your time here and your training. We aim to maximize your time in the country combined with chilled moments and jungle adventures for the “none surfing hours”.

Our training programs are combinations of local activities and surfing, the idea behind our camp is to maximize the time our students have in the country so that they can have more time to for them to spend on tours or just resting.

We discovered trough time that tourist can spend up to 30% of their time in Costa Rica just doing research for activities and traveling arrangements, so we decided we could cover that logistic part for the surf students ahead of time.

Costa Rica holds 5% of the world’s diversity and the Central Pacific area is famous for its wildlife as well as its majestic waves. Our watermen and hosts will make this trip the best opportunity for you to enjoy this wild land in a safe responsible way. We take our work with pride since we are all a part of this giant touristic surfing country.

Let us help you create your perfect surf camp vacation

Contact us today to get your camps outline.


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