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5 Day Adventure & Surf Package

Our 5 Day Surf Training Camp
 is a much more elaborate program for camp, suited best for those who want to improve their surfing experience or discover a new one. The amount of days consistently surfing and training, are very important for the overall performance of the surfer, beginner or intermediate, since our instructors will have much more water time with the student making his or her progress much more visible.


This camp combines rest and relaxation with surf and adventure, making this all-inclusive experience one you wont want to miss.
 Like our previous options, the 5 day camp will start with our staff meeting you in the international airport in one of our super comfortable air conditioned vans, to drive you to your destination, the Central Pacific region of the Costa Rica, where Jaco Beach is, to start your training program.
 Once you get settled in, boards sizes will be assigned to as well as the introduction to the group of instructors that you will work with during your training program. Schedules will be reviewed, water conditions discussed and then to the real deal! - Dominating the pristine waters of Playa Jaco Costa Rica, the top destination in the country for both beginner and experienced level surfers.!

Airport transfer and ground transportation will be provided by Tortuga Surf camp the entire time you are in the country, as well as a host or Surf instructor with you at all times to guide you through town, restaurants and natural wonders that this gorgeous area has to offer.
 You will be staying with part of the staff and the camp's manager at the Hotel Perico Azul, or as we like to call it, the Tortuga Surf House. This cozy hotel in the south end of Jaco Beach is just steps away from your actual classroom, ones you wont find anywhere else in the world with warm blue water and awesome clean waves!

With delicious meals, at the best restaraunts in town for surfers and none surfers alike, you will have the energy necessary to get through this training program. Adventure tours will also be provided to keep things spicy and exiting!

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7 Day Adventure & Surf Package

BeFunky 7day22
Our most complete and entertaining program, the 7 Day Adventure & Surf & program is the perfect choice for the adventure lovers and mellow surfers alike, with a variety of options and activities that allows you to choose your own schedule. This way, the vacations are just the way you planned them, but with the guidance of Tortuga Surf Camp staff to make it a much smoother road!

After your airport pickup the adventure will begin with the awesome journey through the Costar Rican countryside, where you will be welcomed by lush greens and multicolor flora and fauna everywhere you go.


Costa Rica holds 5% of the worlds diversity and the Central Pacific area is famous for its wildlife as well as its majestic waves. Our watermen and hosts will make this trip the best opportunity for you to enjoy this wild land in a safe responsible way. We take our work with pride since we are all a part of this giant touristic surfing jungle.

Once you have settled into our Surf House at Hotel Perico Azul, located in Playa Jaco, Costa Rica, we will give you a little tour of town and its amenities so that you get familiar with the area and the camp. We will also provide you with a Banana Bike (beach cruiser), since this is the main method of transportation for locals and it’s a very healthy convenient choice for the small run into town.


Surf is scheduled around the tides so as soon as you have learned the basics, we will start your surfing adventure on our beach station, and our ISA & Lifeguard certified instructors will lead you through this program with patience and care.

This camp is combined with adventure activities and we provide you with a large list of activities to choose from, to help round out your experience with a variety of adventures or canopy experiences in the middle of the Costar Rican jungle. We will also guide you through Jaco’s best restaurant and local dining venues for you to be able to taste both local and international cuisine.

In only 7 days you will be able to experience Costa Rica in a warm and unique way. We make a huge effort to ensure that the environment of the camp is familiar and cozy: your very own Costa Rican Surf house. We won’t just drop you off at some hotel and pick you up for tours, like other tour operators do; we will share the real Costa Rica with you, and that’s our most important mission!


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Why Surf With Tortuga?

Because we'll have you standing up on your first lesson!

Our proven methods of surf-introducting have helped THOUSANDS of people stand up and surf for the first time ever. We guarantee you will be surfing by your first lesson, whether you're 5 years old or 85 years old. We also are one of the only Surf Camps in Costa Rica that specialize in handicapped surf instruction, or surf instruction for people with disabilities.

Because we guarantee a quality experience!

With a large selection of beginner and intermediate-sized boards, we have more surfboards for lessons than any other surf school in Jaco Beach. Reliable transporation, and the Tortuga Surf Hotel at Perico Azu, provide a quality experience.

Because we care about your safety!

Tortuga Surf puts safety first, Whether you're a 5 year old or an 85 year old, your safety in the water is our top priority. All of our instructors are Certified Lifeguards by the Costa Rican Lifeguard Association. They all possess CPR training, water-safety training, ocean-rescue training, and years of experience teaching people how to surf.


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Meet our surf instructors

 Our surf instructors at Tortuga Surf School & Camps are multi-lingual and lifeguard water-safety certified. We have years of experience showing people how to surf, safely and having a good time.
 Combining a true authentic Costa Rican experience and lifestyle, with the most intense drills and programs to make of your experience something you will remember and carry on for life.
This are some of the most familiar faces on our camp and the people responsible for making your surfing training both fun and safe.

Celine Mounier
Surf Camp Manager -France
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



 Celine Mounier grew up in south of  France's beauty cost, and moved to Costa Rica to pursue a physically fit and healthy lifestyle on our warm tropical waters.She is the manager and main leading person when it comes down to logistics and everything our guest would require at Tortuga Surf School & Camps, and is one of a few female lifeguard certified in Jaco Beach currently.

As a DJ her understanding for the music has allowed her to be a key part on the creation of our training programs and the musical way we use to transmit them to our students
 Shes devotes her attention and her love for music & ocean to her clients, making sure everyone gets a chance to surf and fall in love with the ocean.


 Michael Gutierrez
Surfing Director- Costa Rica
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


This Lifeguard & ISA (international surfing association) certified water men, is our head instructor.
 Mike began working with tourists at a diving shop in Puerto Viejo on the Atlantic side of the country at a young age, and eventually moved to Jaco Beach in the search of waves and stayed for good do dedicate his life to surfing and teaching surf.
 Michael's lifetime water background as a diver and boat driver transmit with the year in his ability to surf a variety of conditions and types of boards, and talent for teaching,helping to quickly established Tortuga Surf School & Camps as the predominant surfing school for beginner to intermediate level surfers, in Jaco Beach.

Douglas Solorzano
Surf Intructor & Water safety-Nicaragua

Collage Doogy

 Originally from our neighbor country Nicaragua and an amazing surfer, Douggy is our glue!, the muscle of the operation during the day & right hand to the main Surfing Director.
 Douggy is the man on charge of the water security, after to get an awesome wave this will be your go to guy when it comes to helping people back into the line up, always with a smile on his face and a warm tone he will lead you out trough thick and thin.

 Freddy Asofeifa

Surf instructor & water safety-Costa Rica

Collage Fredy

Born and raise in Jaco beach Freddy is our inside man when it comes to local current and wave knowledge, his input is priceless to the program.

He is also one of our intense style instructors so if you would like to get your heart rate up and running Freddy is your go to guy on the line up.

Rolando Gonzalez

Surf instructor & water safety-Nicaragua

Collage Rolando

Born in our neighboring country of Nicaragua and raised in Playa Jaco, Rolando is the our good soul and example boy.

Coming from really humble background he dedicates his life to volunteering on his church and as a missionary has being to several country's to help others, he is a solid paddler and a soft smooth instructor, with a giant smile always and millions of patience and wisdom to spare even at his short age.



 Pablo Figuls

Surf instructor & water safety-Costa Rica

Collage Pablo

Originally from the capital of San Jose Costa Rica, this former professional and national champion boxing fighter is our clean healthy eater and the one who helps us leave our life's on a better much healthier and conscientious way.

Pablo is also a personal trainer and an amazing surfer and one of our most important key player at Tortuga Surf camp





For further information please contact us at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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