Because we'll have you standing up on your first lesson!

Our proven methods of surf-introducting have helped THOUSANDS of people stand up and surf for the first time ever. We guarantee you will be surfing by your first lesson, whether you're 5 years old or 85 years old. We also are one of the only Surf Camps in Costa Rica that specialize in handicapped surf instruction, or surf instruction for people with disabilities.

Because we guarantee a quality experience!

With a large selection of beginner and intermediate-sized boards, we have more surfboards for lessons than any other surf school in Jaco Beach. Reliable transporation, and the Tortuga Surf Hotel at Perico Azu, provide a quality experience.

Because we care about your safety!

Tortuga Surf puts safety first, Whether you're a 5 year old or an 85 year old, your safety in the water is our top priority. All of our instructors are Certified Lifeguards by the Costa Rican Lifeguard Association. They all possess CPR training, water-safety training, ocean-rescue training, and years of experience teaching people how to surf.


 Tortuga Surf School & Camps
instructors hold Lifeguard Certifications by the Costa Rican Lifeguard Association & Surf Instructor Certifications By the ISA (international surfing association).
 Trained in life-saving techniques, water rescue, CPR, and actual ocean-rescue scenarios in rough surf, you can confide in our instructors, whether you, your children or another loved one is interested in learning to surf and having fun.

 Our staff realize 8 registered water rescues per year from 2011-2017, so its needless to say that this guys are ready and prepared to care for you the best way possible.


 Costa Rica is a country with an excellent standard of medical care, clinics are located in Jaco Beach, and generally treatment is available for any malady from a sunburn to a sprain or worse. But just in case our instructors main Job to keep you safe and from anything that may increse your level of risk both on water and land.



  Our company counts with all legal insurances issued by INS (Instituto Costarricense de Seguros).

For further information please contact us at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Just a few hour from the Capital San Jose, its the perfect place to get away and enjoy surf, sun and friendly people..

Jaco beach is the "meca of surfing of Costa Rica the current world champion, so think no more, if what you want is a town that combines great year round surf and night life and adventures this is it.

  Warn Weather and happy people will welcome you this unique part of our country making sure you make the best of your trip while experiencing tortuga surf camps guidance around this magnificent province.

This once a small fishing village is now the leading name for Costa Rica's tourism charts, thanks to its infrastructure, perfect waves on warm water and the best of all its people!


Jaco Beach offers a variety of hotels and accommodations, and Tortuga Surf Camp offers you the privacy and comfort of Perico Azul, a tropical refuge a block from the beach and a short distance from where our beginner lessons usually take place. We are also located nearby to Playa Hermosa, for surfing, Esterillos for great surfing or longboarding, and a number of other great Costa Rican surfing beaches such as Bejuco, Playa Escondida, Roca Loca and more.
BeFunky GOPR0650.jpg

 Jaco beach is also the meka of surfing allowing us to provide the top programs and equipments the industry has to offer, this small town is ready to capture your attention with its colorful stores and awesome restaurants.
Nature will overwhelm you as you discover surfing in Costa Rica's #1 surf spot.
BeFunky Dolphinsaboutjaco

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 Our surf instructors at Tortuga Surf School & Camps are multi-lingual and lifeguard water-safety certified. We have years of experience showing people how to surf, safely and having a good time.
 Combining a true authentic Costa Rican experience and lifestyle, with the most intense drills and programs to make of your experience something you will remember and carry on for life.
This are some of the most familiar faces on our camp and the people responsible for making your surfing training both fun and safe.

Celine Mounier
Surf Camp Manager -France
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 Celine Mounier grew up in south of  France's beauty cost, and moved to Costa Rica to pursue a physically fit and healthy lifestyle on our warm tropical waters.She is the manager and main leading person when it comes down to logistics and everything our guest would require at Tortuga Surf School & Camps, and is one of a few female lifeguard certified in Jaco Beach currently.

As a DJ her understanding for the music has allowed her to be a key part on the creation of our training programs and the musical way we use to transmit them to our students
 Shes devotes her attention and her love for music & ocean to her clients, making sure everyone gets a chance to surf and fall in love with the ocean.


 Michael Gutierrez
Surfing Director- Costa Rica
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This Lifeguard & ISA (international surfing association) certified water men, is our head instructor.
 Mike began working with tourists at a diving shop in Puerto Viejo on the Atlantic side of the country at a young age, and eventually moved to Jaco Beach in the search of waves and stayed for good do dedicate his life to surfing and teaching surf.
 Michael's lifetime water background as a diver and boat driver transmit with the year in his ability to surf a variety of conditions and types of boards, and talent for teaching,helping to quickly established Tortuga Surf School & Camps as the predominant surfing school for beginner to intermediate level surfers, in Jaco Beach.

Douglas Solorzano
Surf Intructor & Water safety-Nicaragua

Collage Doogy

 Originally from our neighbor country Nicaragua and an amazing surfer, Douggy is our glue!, the muscle of the operation during the day & right hand to the main Surfing Director.
 Douggy is the man on charge of the water security, after to get an awesome wave this will be your go to guy when it comes to helping people back into the line up, always with a smile on his face and a warm tone he will lead you out trough thick and thin.

 Freddy Asofeifa

Surf instructor & water safety-Costa Rica

Collage Fredy

Born and raise in Jaco beach Freddy is our inside man when it comes to local current and wave knowledge, his input is priceless to the program.

He is also one of our intense style instructors so if you would like to get your heart rate up and running Freddy is your go to guy on the line up.

Rolando Gonzalez

Surf instructor & water safety-Nicaragua

Collage Rolando

Born in our neighboring country of Nicaragua and raised in Playa Jaco, Rolando is the our good soul and example boy.

Coming from really humble background he dedicates his life to volunteering on his church and as a missionary has being to several country's to help others, he is a solid paddler and a soft smooth instructor, with a giant smile always and millions of patience and wisdom to spare even at his short age.



 Pablo Figuls

Surf instructor & water safety-Costa Rica

Collage Pablo

Originally from the capital of San Jose Costa Rica, this former professional and national champion boxing fighter is our clean healthy eater and the one who helps us leave our life's on a better much healthier and conscientious way.

Pablo is also a personal trainer and an amazing surfer and one of our most important key player at Tortuga Surf camp





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