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  • Marina and the sea

    Its been a long time since we have the time to write something on our blog to share with our campers and fellow surfers, this past 3 years or so of blank space, where not blank at all, for us at Tortuga Surf camp.We grew like never before, and thanks to that we where able to add more water men and women to our team, in this opportunity we want to s ...
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  • Longest Camper ever!

    From the time he arrived to Costa Rica everyone at Tortuga Surf Camp knew this one was a going to be a special guest for our Surf Camp, at only 21 years old our friend Nils told one of our instructors he always dreamed of surfing on a short board, and our crew made sure they let him know the road was going to be a bumpy but fun road and Playa Jaco, ...
  • Dreams on Waves (Sueños Sobre las Olas) Playa Jaco Costa Rica

    This past November 3th we had one of our many events with a social impact called Dreams on waves hosted by the foundation by the same name Sueños Sobre las Olas right here in Playa Jaco Costa Rica... This guys are a none profit org that helps Kids & Adults with physical disabilities and trough surfing they want to show them that there is a way! And ...
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  • Thanks for seeing our new website!

    Thanks for visiting our new website! Located in Jaco beach, Costa Rica, our surf tours are the best in the Central Pacific area of Costa Rica. We offer jungle hikes, adventure tours, ATV tours, nature walks, canopy tours, zip-line tours, butterfly and wildlife excursions and so much more.   Located 10 minutes from Playa Hermosa, 25 minutes from ...
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