7 Day Adventure & Surf Package

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Our most complete and entertaining program, the 7 Day Adventure & Surf & program is the perfect choice for the adventure lovers and mellow surfers alike, with a variety of options and activities that allows you to choose your own schedule. This way, the vacations are just the way you planned them, but with the guidance of Tortuga Surf Camp staff to make it a much smoother road!

After your airport pickup the adventure will begin with the awesome journey through the Costar Rican countryside, where you will be welcomed by lush greens and multicolor flora and fauna everywhere you go.


Costa Rica holds 5% of the worlds diversity and the Central Pacific area is famous for its wildlife as well as its majestic waves. Our watermen and hosts will make this trip the best opportunity for you to enjoy this wild land in a safe responsible way. We take our work with pride since we are all a part of this giant touristic surfing jungle.

Once you have settled into our Surf House at Hotel Perico Azul, located in Playa Jaco, Costa Rica, we will give you a little tour of town and its amenities so that you get familiar with the area and the camp. We will also provide you with a Banana Bike (beach cruiser), since this is the main method of transportation for locals and it’s a very healthy convenient choice for the small run into town.


Surf is scheduled around the tides so as soon as you have learned the basics, we will start your surfing adventure on our beach station, and our ISA & Lifeguard certified instructors will lead you through this program with patience and care.

This camp is combined with adventure activities and we provide you with a large list of activities to choose from, to help round out your experience with a variety of adventures or canopy experiences in the middle of the Costar Rican jungle. We will also guide you through Jaco’s best restaurant and local dining venues for you to be able to taste both local and international cuisine.

In only 7 days you will be able to experience Costa Rica in a warm and unique way. We make a huge effort to ensure that the environment of the camp is familiar and cozy: your very own Costa Rican Surf house. We won’t just drop you off at some hotel and pick you up for tours, like other tour operators do; we will share the real Costa Rica with you, and that’s our most important mission!


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