It's more than a camp, It's an entire experience


Tortuga Surf School & Camps in Jaco Beach Costa Rica, is the leading organization of authentic Costa Rican surfing experiences.

Specializing in first-timers, beginners, children and even older adults, Tortuga Surf School & Camps will have you standing up on a surfboard by your first lesson.


Our English,Spanish & French speaking staff are ISA (international surfing association) & Lifeguard certified
,Making for an extremely safe experience and giving you the peace of mind to push your limits in the water.

Tortuga Surf Camp in Jaco, Costa Rica:

Located in the south end of town, the Tortuga Surf House is just 2 minutes from beach training area, where the Tortuga staff will host you during your surfing lessons.

Equipped with tents, chairs, umbrellas, and surfboards, this is our launching point to start your surfing life!

Also accommodating intermediate surfers, the lifetime watermen at Tortuga Surf School & Camps can create a unique surfing experience that will greatly improve your abilities in the water and get you to that next level of wave riding!

Our main goal is to make your experience with us the most enjoyable.You will absolutely fall in love with the beautiful warm waters of this tropical paradise in a safe and fun way, while experiencing the local vibe from our people and the everlasting PURA VIDA…


There are many different packages and options to choose from when it comes to your time at Tortuga Surf School and Camps. One of our main objective is to create a surfing experience that is right for you.

Whether that is a single 1 on 1 lesson, or a full 7 day surf camp, we want you to feel like you are choosing the perfect surfing experience for your time in Costa Rica.

We have three main types of surfing experiences to choose from & we are happy to talk to you about adding features to personalize your stay with us.

Private or Group Lessons. This is the star of our line up, convinient for the one time traveler and groups of friends passing by Jaco beach who want to discover what surfing in Costa Rica is all about, includes a single or multi day  Surf lesson with our certified instructors. Click here for more info.

Surf & Stay. The Surf And Stay camps are available on 5 and day 7 days, reaching out to a traveler who wants to take things easy but still learn to surf in a professional setting.

package meant for multi day surf lessons was desing with the purpose of allowing the student to enjoy surfing wile staying with us at our surf house yet! having the rest of time for you to explore Jaco beach and its neighbouring beaches or just sit back and relax under the sun without a fixed schedule or program outline . Click here for more info.

Full Camp
This amazing experience is a combination of Surfing & Adventure activities that will wake your most untouched senses with great waves on warm water and jungle adventures that only could be possible in Costa Rica.

Including everything from airport transportation, lodging at our surf house, daily surf lessons (one to one instructor student ratio), our staff can recommend you to unreal dinners at some of Jaco beach best local restaurants, adventure tours, surf trips, unlimited surfboard & Paddle board rentals*, and much much more !!! Yoga is an optional feature based on the availability of the local trainers please contact us to enquire about Yoga before submiting your camps request.**
Meals are not included**

Blending this great set off adventures based on tide charts and Arrival and departure itinerary's and our students preferences making sure that your time in Costa Rica is the absolute best by the hand of Tortuga Surf School & Camps. Click here for more info.

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